Rotor Riot Flow 5" Freestyle Frame - Slammed

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Product Overview

With the release of the CL1, Rotor Riot brought to the community a bare bones, budget friendly freestyle frame. For those looking for a premium quality, durable frame with more features, we present the Rotor Riot Flow.
By taking a performance-oriented design approach, we've been able to produce a practical frame with no compromises. Available in two versions, Regular or Slammed. The Regular version will give you more space for 4in1 ESCs and other gear. The Slammed version will give you a sleek, low profile with lower center of gravity.
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Modern, edgy design
True X layout, 240mm motor-to-motor
Dual strap slots on top, single strap slot on bottom
Dual 30.5x30.5 and 20x20 stack mounts
Full size 28mm camera mount (TPU micro mounts included) 
Solid sandwich-Type center construction
High quality carbon fiber
Battery pad included
Wide range of 3D printed accessories available
Weight: 142g
4x 5mm Chamfered Arms  
1x 2mm Chamfered Top Plate
1x 2mm Chamfered Main Plate
1x 2mm Chamfered Bottom Plate
1x 3mm Chamfered Front Plate
1x 2mm Front Reinforcement Plate
2x 1.5mm Camera Mount Plates
2x 3D Printed Standoff Style Cam Mounts
1x Die-Cut 2mm Non-Slip Rubber LiPo Battery Pad
4x Foam Landing Pads
Normal Hardware
4x M3x25mm Knurled Standoff
4x M3x23mm Knurled Standoff
10x M3x12mm Bolt
12x M3x10mm Bolt
10x M3x6mm Bolt
Slammed Hardware
2x M3x25mm Knurled Standoff
2x M3x15mm Knurled Standoff
2x M3x10mm Knurled Standoff
2x M3x8mm Knurled Standoff
2x M3x25mm Bolt
10x M3x12mm Bolt
10x M3x10mm Bolt
10x M3x6mm Bolt