BQE Bandolero 5" Freestyle Drone Frame

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Product Overview

When Jeff "Vort3x" Orta joined the BQE team, they began designing a frame well suited to his flight style, and more importantly to the  hazardous environments he's known to rip. The result is an incredibly solid frame with super low C.G. that's easily serviceable in the field. Every aspect of the design is meant to take whatever the concrete wastelands can throw at it head on. 
After months of torture testing, BQE is proud to introduct Jeff's signature frame, the BQE Bandolero!
Kits are available with 5″,  6″, and 7″ arms. Be sure to check out all our Bandolero Parts & Accessories, and our selection of BQE products!
235mm Motor to motor (5″)
Super low center of gravity, 12mm deck height
Replaceable 4mm arms that don’t rely on stack bolts
Dual 30×30 or 20×20 stacks with pass through ports
Cam mounts flip to fit full size or micro size cameras
Integrated translucent trunk to stash LEDs or other electronics
Damped camera mounts and 30º top bumper
Two flexible antenna mounting options
BQE Exclusive Military Green TPU parts
1x BQE Bandolero 5" Freestyle Frame Kit w/ Military Green TPU parts