Racerstar PGA40 BLHeli_32 40A 2-6s ESC

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The Racerstar PGA40 is a 40A 6s capable singular ESC. Equipped with BLHeli_32 and 40 amps of power, this ESC will give you plenty of performance for power hungry quads.

Note: ESC IS soldered with wires and capacitor, unlike photos.


  • Con. current: 40A
  • Max current(10S): 45A
  • LBEC: NO
  • SBEC: NO
  • Lipo: 2-6S
  • Programming: yes
  • Total weight: about 6.2g (without wires or cap)
  • PCB weight: 4.6g (without aluminum part)
  • Aluminum part weight: 1.7g
  • Size (PCB): 43x13.5mm (53mm long with cap)


  • 1x Racerstar PGA40 ESC