FlightOne Millivolt Flight Controller

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Product Overview

Raceflight continues to push the limits within the FPV community not only with incredibly powerful flight controller software, but now is additionally offering hardware that matches the goals of their software; industry leading performance without compromises.

Raceflight Millivolt Flight Controller is an incredibly advanced, compact, performance oriented solution for pilots looking for and incredible flight controller in an extremely small phsyical size. Capable of running at 32KHz Gyro Sampling, PID Loop, & Motor Loop (thanks to a powerful F4 processor), Millivolt will perform like no other controller in it's class and size! Utilizing a F405 Processor, Invensense 20602 (Super Secret Gyro), Raceflight One software, Millivolt will provide incredibly crisp and smooth performance out of the box.

Thanks to Raceflight One, the Millivolt features extremely stable performance thanks to powerful filtering found only in Raceflight, ensuring that incredible performance is delivered due to strong vibration rejection. Filtering allows for the first flights to be incredibly smooth, but once tuned and actively racing or freestyling, even incredibly bent or broken props do not alter the Millivolts performance.


  • 3.3V or 5.0V available onboard
  • LED Driver for WS2812b LEDs
  • Ingared LED Race Transponder support - Infared LED required & purchased separately
  • Futureproof - iPhone & Android configurator support coming
  • Highspeed 32KHz Gyro
  • Through hole solder pads
  • Supports FrSky, Spektrum, Futaba, JR, iBus, S.Bus
  • Integrated Buzzer support
  • Voltage & Current ADC Pins - Voltage/Current monitoring via telemetry
  • Full telemetry output support
  • ESC flashing & configuration built into configurator
  • 3.3V or 5V selectable output voltage
  • 2 serial UARTs
  • Bluetooth explandable
  • F4 Processor
  • 16mb onboard flash memory


  • Processor: F4 F405 MPU 
  • Firmware: RaceFlight (BB) or RaceFlight One (Beta) 
  • Gyro: SSG (Super Secret Gyro) Invensense 20602 
  • Mounting Dimensions: 20x20mm 
  • Physical Dimensions: 26.75x26.45x5.75mm (without gummies) 
  • Weight: 3g


  • 1x RaceFlight Millivolt Flight Controller
  • 4x Mounting Grommets