NewBeeDrone Silverfish 5" Stretch X Frame

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Not content with the available top and bottom battery mount options available on the market, NewBeeDrone set out in search of something better.

The ability to top-mount or bottom-mount while keeping it balanced. Vibration dampening and flight controller protection without too many fancy printed accessories. Handling for racing as well as agility for freestyle. Durable and simple.

Featuring multiple mounting options, floating vibration damped arms, protected electronics, upgrade-able arms, and canopy designs. This is one versatile and configurable frame. If you're looking for a balanced frame suitable for all flying styles, this is one you definitely want to put on your short list!

NOTE: Pictured electronics are sold separately.


  • Maximum Prop Size: 5"
  • Weight: 106g / 170g (shipping)
  • Material: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, SLA Polymer