Menace FiziX 5" Frame

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The Menace FiziX has been in testing during the 2018 racing season, lightweight, strong and small form factor brings a winning race frame combination.

Available in two offerings the FiziX 5 caters for props up to 5.1″ diameter whereas the FiziX 7 caters for props up to 7″ diameter.

True X configuration for rapid and agile racing.

The FiziX also has a carbon fiber camera mount with a support bar to keep that all-important FPV camera locked dead ahead and securely tucked away.


  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe
  • 2mm thick body parts
  • 5mm thick arms
  • Designed to take the Micro FPV cams 19mm width.
  • 36mm FC / Stack mounting
  • Tough Lightweight Aluminum airframe standoffs
  • Stainless steel fixing screws
  • 22xx series mounting holes.
  • Minimum cuts and holes in the frame to maintain strength
  • Counter Sunk Screws on bottom plate avoid damage to the battery.
  • Captive insert nuts for ease of build
  • Integrated lipo strap recess.
  • Weight Carbon 5″ Parts 75g ( 90g with all the fixing hardware)
  • Weight Carbon 7″ Parts 84g ( 99g with all the fixing hardware)

Click Here for the Stress and Displacement Study


  • 1x FiziX Frame Body Kit
  • 4x Fizix 5" Arms
  • 1x Set of fixing Hardware and Standoffs
  • 2x Camera Mounting Washers


3D Printed Parts