MiMiC-X Mini Video Transmitter 25-50-200mw

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A micro-sized vtx from UBAD with switchable power. Mounting holes are 16mm on center.  However, the holes may be cut out to allow for a different size spacing. Full-size mounting can utilize one hole.


  • Short-press (1 Seconds) to change channel, digital display will change. Digital display changes from 1 to 8.
  • Medium-press (4-5 Seconds) to change the frequency band. Digital display changes cyclically from A, B, E, F, R, H.
  • Long-press (8-10 Seconds) until green LED changes position. No Green LED - Pit Mode, first Green LED, 25mw, Middle Green LED 50mw, third green LED 200mw.


  • UBAD Mimic-X mini
  • Output power: Pitmode (≤5mw/25mW/50mW/200mW)
  • Input voltage: 3.2-5.5V
  • 5V camera supply, 270mA(MAX)---200mW
  • 5V camera supply, 213mA(MAX)---50mW
  • 5V camera supply, 190mA(MAX)---25mW
  • Video system: NTSC/PAL
  • Antenna: MMCX
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 43 channels
  • Size: 20*18mm(L*W)
  • Weight: 3g


  • 1 X MiMiC-X mini video transmitter