Lumenier LUX Mini 20x20 5.8GHz FPV Video Transmitter (25-800mW)-

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Product Overview

The Lumenier LUX Mini brings high-powered video transmission into a tiny 20x20 package. The LUX Mini is a 5.8GHz VTX with five adjustable levels of transmitting power: PIT/25/200/500/800 mW. The side of the VTX has an easy-to-see row of LEDs for quick band and channel visibility so you always know where you are transmitting.

In addition to the incredible power output in such a small package the LUX Mini VTX has "Smart Audio" included, allowing you to remotely change settings on the VTX like power output, frequency and more via Betaflight OSD controls. The entire board is also conformal coated for added protection during operation.

The LUX Mini Video Transmitter comes with a full set of mounting hardware, MMCX whip antenna and high quality silicone wire to solder to. The white plastic case acts as a protective cover to the VTX, and also reduces the mounting hole size from M3 to M2. This gives you 2 different ways to mount it with either full size M3 screws, or micro sized M2 screws. This video transmitter works perfectly on both micro and full sized builds!

And of course, it comes in white to match all your other LUX gear!


  • Compact 20x20 stackable design
  • Variable power from 25mW to 800mW + Pit Mode
  • Mounts with M3 or M2 hardware
  • Conformal coated for added protection
  • Licensed Smart Audio from TBS
  • Optional protective cover included


  • Input Voltage: 7-36V DC
  • Output Voltage: 5V 1A
  • @12V Input Current: 40mA@Pitmode, 95mA@25mW, 185mA@200mW, 250mA@500mW, 380mA@800mW
  • Channels: 48CH including RaceBand
  • Power: PIT/25/200/500/800 mW
  • Installation Hole: M3, (M2 with plastic cover) 20*20mm
  • Dimensions: 28*28*3.3 mm
  • Weight: 4.46g(without cover), 5.4g(with cover)



  • 1 x LUX Mini VTX
  • 1 x Protective Cover
  • 1 x MMCX Dipole Antenna
  • 1 x Wire Set
  • 1 x Hardware Set