iFlight SucceX 50A Slick 2-6S ESC (4 Pcs)

  • $ 76.99

The iFlight SucceX 50A Slick ESC is specially designed for FPV racing frames with slim arms like the Dove, Dove Lite, and Archer Frame.

It comes with 48MHZ 32-bit STM32F051, to provide faster response speed and processing capacity. The STM32F051 is combined with the high-performance 3-in-1 driver, to lower the signal delay from throttle to the receiver, accelerate the motor responding speed and increase the control and precision.

The Slick's ultra-narrow profile is unique and will fit on the narrowest of arms. But the size doesn't remove important features like RGB LED, 2-6S support (6S with cap) and Dshot1200.

This package comes with 4 ESCs.


  • 48MHZ running speed integrated 3 in 1 STM32F051;
  • Total 8-layer PCB board;
  • High temperature and high current resistance;
  • Support telemetry & current sensor ;
  • RGB LED for power- on display;
  • 45*8mm dimension, perfect for FPV racing frames w/ slim arms.
  • countersinks and semicircle orifices enable each layer to be energized after power-on
  • Support Dshot150/300/600/1200/Multishot/Oneshot;
  • More aerodynamic, less prop thrust disturbance


  • Input Voltage: 2-6S
  • Weight: 3.9g without cables
  • Dimension: 45*8mm
  • Current sensor: support
  • Telemetry: support
  • RGB led lights display status
  • BEC: NO
  • Support: Dshot150/300/600/1200, MultiShot, OneShot;
  • Target:iFlight-BL32-PRO


  • No additional capacitor needed up to 5S!
  • But to encounter back EMF and ensure the longevity of your electronics, min. 220uF Cap 35V for 4-5S, 50V for 6S on your main lead!


  • 4x SucceX 50A Slick ESC
  • 4x 35V 220uf capacitor
  • 1x Power cables & ESC signal wires set