Samsung Galaxy S23 Back cover vinyl pvc skin [Carbon Fiber/Diamond/Blue Sand]

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Product Overview

Various protector vinyl wrap texture pattern for Samsung Galaxy S23


-Please choose your skin texture from the drop down menu-


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  • All skins are Cut to fit your phone perfectly

This Vinyl Wraps do not contain a Screen Protector in the pack . 


 Why should you use a skin and not a plastic case !!

  • -         Quick and easy application, without air bubbles
  • -         They do not add volume of your phone, forget about bulky gums.
  • -         You may use any docking station , cable  or accessory.
  • -         The flexibility of the material guarantees perfect fitting, free of air bubbles.
  • -         We use professional premium cast materials and not printed vinyl. They do not fade out in time.
  • -         The strong adhesive of the film prevents any accidental removal..
  • -         You may remove the film whenever you want, without any adhesive residue being left on the gadget.
  • -          Films are very flexible and have an adhesive base. They are not electrostatic ! The films protect the curvy parts as well and adhere perfectly to the device.



These are self-adhesive vinyl films 150 microns thickness to be placed on the telephone

They are not plastic,TPU,etc. cases and do not replace the original case of the phone.

The colored skins does not include Screen Protector ! If you need , you can add it separately in your cart !

You may need to heat the edges to ensure proper fit on curved glass.

In this listing you will buy only the Skin not the actual device.

This skins are not universal . They are cut to fit only the presented model !

This skins are cut to perfection exactly like in picture ! All the presented elements will be found in the pack !