QAV250 G10 Prop Guards

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Prop guards for the QAV250 or other small quads using 5" props.


These prop guards will help avoid crashes due to light prop strikes. Instead of the propellor brushing a wall or obstacle the prop guard will strike first, guarding your props and possibly avoiding a costly crash. This prop guard will work on V1 of the QAV250 if using motors that use M3 motor mounting screws. On V2 of the QAV250, this prop guard can also work for motors such RCX motors that use M2 mounting screws. Please note that the prop guard is mounted underneath the motors and you will require longer motor mounting screws which are NOT included, but available separately.

While these prop guards can help avoid crashes, it is not a guarantee that you won't crash! If striking an object with force or flying against a pole that avoids the prop guards, etc. a crash is still going to happen.


  • Each assembled prop guard weighs 15g. Total for all 4 guards together is 60g.
  • Will fit on G10 QAV250, Carbon Fiber QAV250 and possibly other mini quad frames that use 5" props.


  • 4x prop guard sets made of G10
  • 12x 35mm aluminum spacers and 26x screws

Not Included But Required: Longer Motor Mounting Screws

  • For motors that use M3 screws, you will need 16 M3 screws that are 7-8mm long.
  • For motors that use M2 screws, you will need 16 M2 screws that are 7-8mm long.