ORT 5.8G Pagoda 2 Stubby X Series Antenna

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Product Overview

ORT 5.8G Pagoda 2 Stubby X Series Antenna Radio Transmission

Freq Channel : 5550 ~ 6050 ghz
Gain (dBi) : 1.2 ~ 1.3 dBi
Axial Ratio : < 1.3
Matching Swr / S11 : S11 < 20dB, VSWR < 1.22 (Center Frequency)
Polarization : Circularly Polarized - RHCP
Gain Pattern : Omni Directional (cover signal in all direction)
Radiation Efficiency : 95%

ORT Pagoda 2 Extreme Series is designed by Maarten Baert, we are thankfull for his generous design to make affordable yet strong(er) vtx quad race antenna. We are proudly present this to you, with ORT correct production method and we checked each one on special devices to ensure no more flicker and glitchy video due to incorrect alignment.

Even better, we make this with durability in mind, included strong 3d printed cover and steel clamp connector for ruggedness to take abuse on quad race yet also short & light enough (+/- 10gram) to mount on your precious gear. Hence we called this a new beast, ORT Pagoda 2 Extreme Series. Extremely Tuned, Extremely Durable, Extremely Light!