ORICO 20W Dual Port USB Car Charger with 1x 5V2.4A Super Charging Port

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Product Overview

  • 1x5V2.4A Super Charger, 1x5V1.5A charger
  • Compact size, lightweight design
  • 20W, 12V-24V voltage input
  • Compatible with most USB devices
  • Smart Interactive

    You rely on your tablet computer and your other mobile devices equally when you're on the go. So why should you have to choose which one to charge when their batteries begin to run low? With the ORICO Dual USB Car Charger, you can simultaneously repower both a tablet computer and a smartphone, MP3 player, GPS unit, e-reader or any other standard USB device. You'll never have to go without one device to be able to keep using another, so you can make more calls, send more texts, listen to more music, use more apps and surf the web more when you're traveling.

    The ORICO Dual USB Car Charger is the first portable car charger that features Smart Charging Technology, allowing it to operate at the optimal charging rate for whatever you plug into its dual ports. This means that tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices will recharge as quickly as possible without you having to worry about overcharging or short circuiting.

    With the ORICO Dual USB Car Charger, recharging your tablet and any other USB device is incredibly easy. Just slip the charger into the cigarette lighter and connect the standard USB charging cable to the 5V2.4A or the 5V1.5A charging port. The ports are clearly marked, so you can tell in a glance which one is which. Once your cord is in place, and your device is attached, charging will begin automatically at the optimal rate.

    The ORICO Dual USB Car Charger is ideal for anyone who uses mobile devices and wants to enjoy the convenience of charging in their automobiles while on the road.

    What's in the Box

    • 1x ORICO UCA-2U USB Car Charger

    • 1x User Manual

    • 1x Service Card