Lumenier N2O 1250mAh 5s 120c Lipo Battery Quadcopter Drone Battery

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Lumenier N2O 1250mAh 5s 120c Lipo Battery

The Lumenier N2O series of LiPo batteries push the limits of batteries by utilizing new high power cell technology. With the addition of Polycrystalline Super Nanotubes, the battery has improved attributes such as higher energy density, lower internal resistance, higher discharge rates, and a longer life cycle. 

The Lumenier batteries are compact and lightweight, maximizing your power to weight ratio. Each battery comes wrapped in a black protective shrink with foam padding on the end guarding the discharge and balance cables. 

N2O batteries are the highest performing LiPo batteries available today! 


73 mm


34 mm


38 mm




120c - Burst 240c