Kakute F7 Mini / Tekko32 F3 45A Mini ESC / Atlatl Mini Combo

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Holybro is saving you time and guesswork into making your perfect FPV stack. This combo comes with the Kakute F7 Mini, Tekko32 F3 45A Mini ESC, and Atlatl Mini Combo.

Kakute F7 mini


  • MCU: STM32F745VGH6 32-bit processor,216MHz, 320Kbytes RAM, 1Mbytes Flash
  • IMU: ICM20689 (SPI)
  • Barometer: BMP280
  • USB VCP Driver (all UARTs usable simultaneously; USB does not take up a UART)
  • 5.5 hardware UARTS (UART1,2,3,4,6,7)
  • Supports serial receivers (SBUS, iBus, Spektrum, Crossfire) only. PPM and PWM receivers are not supported.
  • Onboard 16Mbytes for Blackbox logging
  • 5V Power Out: 1.0A max
  • 3.3V Power Out: 0.2A max
  • Dimensions: 33x26x6mm
  • Mounting Holes: Standard 20mm square to the center of holes 
  • Weight: 4g

Package Includes:

  •    1 x FC board 
  •    6 x M2 Rubber rings 
  •    1 x JST SH 8pin 30mm cable
  •    1 x JST SH 8pin 150mm cable  

Kakute F7 MINI Manual

Tekko32 F3 4in1 45A mini ESC

BLHELI32 / F3 MCU/4x 45A

New BLHELI32 ESC with F3 MCU, give more smooth control and faster-responding speed.
4x 45A F3 BLHELI32 ESC in 20x20 standard.
Supports up to 50A burst and 45A continued.


  • F3 MCU runs double faster than F051
  • 32bit ESC with BLHELI32 firmware
  • Supports 3-6S lipo input
  • PWM input, TLM supported
  • Voltage output (VBAT)
  • NO BEC
  • Supports one-shot / Multishot / Dshot PWM
  • Supports damped light
  • Ext. cap needed for 6s (470uf 35v for 6s usage.)
  • Mounting holes M2, 20x20mm
  • Size:30 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 7.8g

Package included:

  • 1 x Tekko32 F3 4in1 45A mini ESC 
  • 1 x Electrolytic capacitor: 470uF 35v 
  • 1 x 8pin to 8pin 1mm pitch 65mm cable 
  • 1 x 8pin to 8pin 1mm pitch 25mm cable 


Some Tips:



  • Compatible with all major FPV receivers from vendors such as Fatshark, ImmersionRC, etc.
  • Supports the standard 40-channel set: band A, B, E, Fatshark, and Raceland.
  • TBS Telemetry Protocol input allows remote control by the flight controller. Change channel, transmit power, and more from Betaflight OSD, flight controller USB port, Taranis Lua Script, and more.
  • MMCX connector is durable and easy to use. Rated for 100’s of mating cycles. Easy and quick antenna changes. No more ripped-off UFL connectors.
  • Variable transmit power 25 mW or 100 mW.
  • 0.5 mW True Pit Mode allows you to power up safely without the risk of knocking other pilots out of the air.
  • The tiny form factor for easy installation in tight racing builds.


  • Output Power: 0.5 mW (pit mode), 25 mW, 100 mW
  • Antenna Connector: MMCX
  • Input Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 volts (nominal 5v power)
  • Dimensions: 19x16x4.5mm
  • Weight: 1.6g (without antenna)

Holybro Atlatl Mini v1.0

Package Includes:

  • 1 x VTx Board 
  • 1 x  MMCX Miniature antenna  
  • 4 x 100mm cable