Josh Bardwell 32BIT 4-IN-1 3-6S 30A ESC

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The Bardwell F4 AIO Flight Controller now has it's perfect match for those looking at a 32 Bit 4n1 ESC! A great plug in solution for the Bardwell F4 FC.

One of the most robust and clean setups, especially given the price! Works with 3s-6s lipo input and supports up to DShot1200. Great for racing, freestlye, or however you want to fly!

This ESC is plug-n-play with the Bardwell FC, but it is also a great choice for coupling with any flight controller. Use it your build now and step up your performance! Always verify the pinout on both your flight controller and ESC to make sure the wiring is correct. Adjust the pins of the wire harness if needed so everything is connected appropriately and you don't release the smoke.


  • Input Voltage: 3s-6s lipo
  • Constant Current Rating Per Motor: 30A
  • Burst Current Per Motor: 40A
  • Size: 36*36mm   Mounting Holes: 30.5 x 30.5 (30x30_
  • Inlcuded Firmware: BLHeli32 
  • Hookups: Wire Harness Or Direct Solder
  • Weight: 13.1g 
  • Harness Length: 60mm
  • No BEC


  • 1x    4 in 1 ESC
  • 1x    65mm Power and Signal Wire Harness

Direct Solder Pads

Under the wiring harness you'll find pads for the various connections. If they wiring harness gets destroyed in a crash, you can remove it and direct solder to the pads and continue using the ESC. Note that in the photo, the wiring harness connections are listed on the left and the pads are listed on the right.