FM4006-13 740kv Motor

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The Lumeneir FM-4006-13 740kv multi rotor motor is a powerful pancake motor specifically designed for multi-rotors. It performs well with 10" props and is a good choice for Lumenier's QAV500 FPV Quadcopter and the QAV540G. The motor has a 19x25mm mounting hole pattern and requires M3 screws to mount (not included). This motor is produced for Lumenier by Tiger Motors, the leaders in multi-rotor motors. The FM4006 is a more affordable version of the very popular MT4006 at almost 40% savings. Compared to the Tiger MT4006 the FM4006 uses lower grade ball bearings, which can be upgraded at a later point if necessary. The FM4006 motor uses the same high quality bell and base as the MT4006.

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