Flynoceros Sköll V2 5" Frame

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The Flynoceros Sköll V2 comes with some great new features! The frame is now even lighter than before while maintaining excellent durability. The top "cage" flips open for access to all of the electronics underneath and the arms can be swapped without messing with the electronics as well.


  • 20×20 And 30×30 Flight Stack Mounts
  • 3 Battery Deck Heights (15mm, 19mm, 23mm Options)
  • Isolated Flight Stack (Swap Your Arms Without Touching The Electronics)
  • Easy Access Flight Stack (2 Screws To Access Components)
  • Full size/Micro Cam Mounting Option
  • Easy Cam-Angle Adjustment
  • Soft-Mounted Rollcage (Anti-Jello)
  • Integrated Session Mount (Multiple Angle Options)
  • Quick Connect Session Mount (Integrated Ziptie Grooves For Added Security)
  • True X (Balanced For Freestyle)
  • Connex Compatible
  • Replaceable Arms
  • Multiple Arm Options
  • Chamfered Edges


  • Frame Size: 255mm
  • Frame Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Base Material Thickness: 2mm
  • Arm Material Thickness: 4mm
  • Frame Type: True X
  • Motor Compatibility: 22-26xx
  • Prop Compatibility: 5"
  • Frame Weight (5"): 129g


  • 1x Sköll Carbon Fiber Frame
  • 1x Set of aluminum Standoffs
  • 1x Set of Screws
  • 1x 3D Printed Camera Mount