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Product Overview

The very popular Mr Steele Silk V2 were designed for maximum smoothness and efficiency running a 4S pack. Coming in at 2306 2345kv with the butteriest magnets it is an all around winner for those flying 4S and 5" props.

Now, we would like to introduce to you the new Mr Steele V2 Stout!

This motor is design on the same principles as the Silk V2, however this motor is for use in 6S applications coming in at 2306 1700kv. These motors provide extreme efficiency and power while still giving the pilot vibration free HD footage. The 6S conversion means longer flight times with less battery sag.

To keep this short let me just throw some comparison specs out there:

  • Stout V2: 6S full throttle 69A and 20% more thrust, flight time 3:30 average 
  • Silk V2: 4S full throttle 95A. Flight time 1:50 average

And to top it all off the bells and Stators and pants are all interchangeable all the way back to V1 :) 

Keep it classy internet

- Steele