EMAX F3 Magnum Stack - 12A 4-in-1 ESC F3 FC

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Product Overview

Designed for high-performance Micro FPV racers, the F3 Magnum Mini packs in an F3 processor, Betaflight OSD and 12A 4 in 1 ESC that can handle up to 4s batteries. MPU6000 gyro is a proven performer for stable flight and resistance to vibration noise.

The FC and ESC with neatly stack together with pinned interconnects that make your build easy to assemble and cleaner looking. This tightly pre-assembled package will fit any frame that has 20 x 20mm mounting hole spacing.

The F3 Magnum Mini is the fastest way go from starting a new micro build to FPV Flight!

4 in 1 Main Board - F3 FC + Betaflight OSD + 5v Regulator + Buzzer

The heart of the flight control systems is a powerful STM32F303 MCU and MPU6000 gyro flashed with Betaflight for proven rocksteady flight stability. The integrated 5v/3A voltage regulator means clean power for all the FC/OSD components and other attached boards such as VTX, RX, and FPV Camera. Betaflight OSD with easily customizable layout of vital flight information and ability to change FC flight parameters. Onboard buzzer for battery level warning or lost model finder functions.




  • 1 x F3 flight controller
  • 1 x BLheli_S Bullet 12A 4 In 1 ESC
  • 1 x JST power wire 
  • 4 x M2 nylon nut
  • 4 x M2 x 6mm nylon post
  • 4 x M2 x 5mm nylon post
  • 4 x M2 x 5mm nylon screw