TransTEC F7 Flight controller - Special edition Yellow

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Product Overview

Special edition: Yellow

TransTEC has announced their first flight controller with simple naming – TransTEC F7. This FC is 30x30mm sized board, based on F722 MCU, has MPU6000 gyro, accepts 3-6S battery input. One of the most interesting features is flat top PCB design, with pads for major RX types. You can even direct solder the FrSky XM+ or Crossfire Nano receiver to this FC. Another interesting feature is reversed, inwards facing ESC ribbon socket. 

Flat top plate PCB design
Reversed ESC connector (facing inwards)
Low noise MPU6000 GYRO
Battery power filter
Selectable 5v/Bat for VTX and CAMERA
Direct solder the Frsky XM+ / Crossfire Nano RX
Rubber grommets for soft mounting
1.6mm thick PCB
REAL PIT VTX control
Input power: 3-6S
BEC: 5V 3A