BrotherHobby Returner R5 2306 2650kv Brushless Motor (Red Hulk)

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Here is a brand new motor from the masters of propulsion engineering, BrotherHobby . This is a 2306 sized motor that only weighs 28g! This is crazy light for a motor with this much power. Not only do these motors have unreal performance but check out the looks! The cool factor is an 11 out of 10! The bell has absolutely no labeling, logos, or lettering of any kind. Only a cool red anodized color exists on the bell. All the identification is applied to the bottom of the base on the motor. The name BrotherHobby gave to these motors is "RED HULK". Why? We have no idea, but its a cool name so who cares. 


  • EZO 8*4*3 bearing, a new bearing with higher RPM and making the motor lighter
  • 5mm hollow motor shaft
  • the naked base thickness is increased to be 3mm, making it highly durable in crashes


  • Brand name: BrotherHobby
  • Item name: Returner R5 2306
  • Color: Red Hulk 
  • KV: 2650
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Thread: Clockwise (CW)
  • Cells (LiPo): 4-5S
  • Rotor: N52H arc magnets
  • Wire AWG: 20AWG
  • Shaft: Titanium Alloy hollow shaft
  • Stator: 0.15mm Kawasaki silicon steel
  • Bearings: Japan NSK 8*4*3mm 
  • Base casing: Al 7075
  • Bell cap: Al 7075 ( Double Anodizing colors )
  • Weight: about 28.3 (without wire)


  • 1x BrotherHobby Returner R5 2306 2650KV Red Hulk/Deadpool motor
  • 1x Prop Nut
  • 4x M3 screws
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