BrainFPV Mini Power Board (RE1-mPB v2)

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Product Overview

Mini Power Board Version 2 (mPB V2) is RE1’s companion. The RE1 can be directly plugged into this UPDATED power distribution board, enabling a simple, clean build requiring no wiring between the two. Unlike competing products, MPB provides clean power for a noise-free FPV experience and includes highly accurate current/voltage sensing so you always know how much battery power you have left.


  • Power Outputs: 5V (1A), 10V (1A), filtered output (1A)
    10V output can be switched to be a second 5V (1A) output by bridging a jumper
  • Power Input: 10V - 26V (3S - 6S LiPo battery) 
  • Voltage Measurement: 91mV/V output (1:11 divider ratio)
  • Current Measurement: 25mV/A output 
  • Filtering: LC filter to reduce motor noise and protect components from voltage spikes
  • Copper thickness: 4 oz (140 μm); 4-layer PCB
  • Maximum total Current to ESCs:80A constant, 130A burst (10 seconds)
  • Stacking Height: 5mm


1x RE1-mPB v2