Betaflight Hive Backpack

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Product Overview

This is the Betaflight Hive Backpack. The design of this bag took many months and even after it released for pre-orders, customer suggestions kept making us go back to the "final" prototype and add some of their suggestions. In reality, this is not just a backpack that was designed by us but its more of a backpack that has been designed and then re-designed by users like you. FPV Model did their best to listen to your feedback and that is proven in the design of this backpack.

Requests for hard shell covers, reverse the orientation of the side pockets, make the handheld carry battery bag into a liposafe fire-resistant bag are just a few of the suggestions that we went back and updated during the design process. After reviewing the final prototype, FPV Model felt like the user suggestions they've received fro m clients and friends on Facebook, have helped make certain that this bag has the best quality and features available. We think you're gonna love them.

The overall design of this backpack is geared towards those that are serious fliers and have multiple quads and many tools and accessories that they carry with them while traveling by air or even just to the local field.

Betaflight Hive Backpacks are performance tested, at fully loaded capacity, using our strict control standards. Before sale, it is put through tests to ensure it’s strength, durability, and dependability that is represented by the most demanding frequent traveling quad pilots. This attention to quality results in us being able to offer the best warranty in the industry.


  • International carry-on size compatibility for air travel. 
  • Dedicated laptop pocket
  • Dedicated fireproof lipo bag
  • Elastic daisy chain tool panel for your hex drivers and other hand-held tools. 
  • Large interior pocket for carrying props with hard shell cover on the bag for added protection from outside forces. 
  • 1680D ballistic nylon bag material for long life durability. 
  • Featuring the best zippers on the market made by YKK to ensure long-lasting zipper life. 
  • Contoured adjustable padded harness with height adjustable chest strap. 
  • Rain cover that pulls out from bottom panel pocket for fast rain protection.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 56 x 34 x 18cm
  • Weight: 6lbs