BeeBrain V2 Micro FPV Flight Controller Stack (FrSky)

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The NewBeeDrone team is proud to bring you the BeeBrain V2. As more pilots increase their skills, the confines of indoor flying are just that, too confining. Backyard and park flying has become just as popular. A new faster F3 processor allows for better handling under breezy conditions. More powerful and efficient MOSFETs give you the power you need to haul indoors and the ability to fly in breezy conditions outdoors. More speed, more power, more agility, more fun.

To take it one step further and make the whole set more beginner friendly, NewBeeDrone developed their own VTX/OSD board that allows full control over the FC settings as well as the VTX settings via an intuitive on-screen display menu. They have also eliminated soldering from the setup of the v2, it's all plug and play. For the full experience, we recommend the full Beebrain V2 stack.

Newest Frsky Hex file can be found HERE


Flight Controller

  • Compatible with Frsky (D8 with hub telemetry)
  • STM32F303 Processor
  • MPU6500 Gyro/Accelerometer via SPI
  • 4 x 30A Mosfets (Pulsed)
  • Onboard Antenna (Indoor range)
  • Transponder Driver 
  • Battery Monitor
  • 1 x RGB LED (non-programable status light)
  • JST PH-2.0 Power Lead
  • VTX & OSD


BetaFlight OSD

  • VTX configurable on OSD (40 channels, 1-25 mw)



  • 600 TVL
  • 120 Degree Viewing Angle
  • 20 Degree Mount


  • Flight Controller Size: 26mm x 26mm
  • Flight Controller Weight: 3.5g
  • Whole Set with VTX and Camera weight: 9.5g
  • Power Source: 1S Lipo battery


  • BeeBrain V2 Flight Controller, BeeTx, and BeeEye Camera
  • Rubber Grommets and Mounting Screws
  • Silicone bands