Acme Made Slick Case for iPad (Gloss White)

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Product Description

The perfect solution for the road warrior, Acme Made's new Slick Case allows the Apple iPad to be used within the case while also providing superior protection while on the go. The fully zippered case allows ease of access along with a scratch-proof cable compartment for your charger or other small accessories. Compatible with iPad 4.

From the Manufacturer


Slick Case iPad - White

The Slick Case

For the road warrior, Acme Made's Slick Case is the perfect solution. It's a compact, zippered case with an internal divider to store cables or accessories. The iPad™ can be secured into the Slick Case for use within the case, or it can be used purely as a protective, zippered travel case. The Slick Case is also designed with Acme Made's unique StretchShell™ neoprene that is both water and stain resistant while still offering the padding of traditional neoprene.

Dual-use traveling case
The iPad™ can be used while in the case, or can be slipped into the protective pocket for travel with cables and other accessories.

Acme Made's unique StretchShell™ neoprene
Offers water and stain resistance while providing the padding and protection of traditional neoprene.

Full-size protective pocket
Screen-safe compartment for power cables or small accessories.

Compact size
Exceptional protection in a compact form makes this case perfect for the traveler.

Hardware Capacity:
Designed specifically to fit the Apple iPad™ with room for the power cables in a separate compartment.