4.0mm Banana Connector to Multifunctional Charger cable

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Quick Overview

A multi-functional cable that connects most radio control chargers via 4.0mm banana plugs to common battery connectors.


A 30cm multifunctional cable with a 4.0mm banana connector to connect battery chargers to any of 8 different types of common battery adapters.

Main wire:

  • 14AWG red /black silicone wire 150MM with Male 4.0MM banana connector .

Branch lines: 

  • Male TRX 16AWG silicone wire  L=150MM  
  • Male JST 20AWG silicone wire L=150MM
  • Male Dean 16AWG silicone wire  L=150MM
  • Male XT60 16AWG silicone wire L=150MM
  • Male EC3 16AWG silicone wire  L=150MM
  • Male Tamiya 16AWG silicone wire  L=150MM
  • Female Futaba 22 AWG silicone wire  L=150MM
  • Free wire 16AWG silicone wire  L=150MM

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