Raldey MT-V3S Electric Skateboard Longboard Review

Posted by Wires on 19th Sep 2022

Raldey MT-V3S Electric Skateboard Longboard Review

Raldey MT-V3S Electric Longboard Review

Today we have a Raldey MT-V3S and we're back with another electric longboard review we're looking at the Radley v3s. So this board is a little bit more of an intermediate board to beginner it's got a lot of different options and different things that you can try out while you're still learning what your preferences are the first thing that we're going to be looking at is this nice medium grit grip tape, it's nice and strong so that way when you get all the way up to 29 miles an hour you're going to still be sticking on there pretty well. It's also got that awesome honeycomb texture that we've got on some other Radley boards. This board comes with a set of Allen keys so that way you can change out and loosen your trucks by yourself.

One thing that we want to look at is this battery pack which is nice and slim this is independent cell structure so you can modify it properly you can upgrade it and do repairs pretty easily. 

It also has 105 millimeter rubber Wheels which give us a lot of clearance here to go over cracks lumps bumps grass dirt areas and these wheels also have some shock absorption built into them. 

We've got a power button back here a charging port back here which comes with a battery and a cover for this so this board is actually waterproof up to ip55. These trucks are titanium alloy and they've got Rising pads in there to give you a little bit extra lift,  the board goes up to 29 miles an hour up to 20 miles on a charge of like around three to four hours which is pretty great. The motors that are in our back wheels over here are 1500 watt motors which is pretty standard for a lot of electric long boards.

You control that with this remote, we've got forward and backwards on that guy so forward and a break if you're going down hills or going up hills because this will handle up to 30 percent grade hills. We've got a power button a reverse button and you can change your maximum speed so if 29 is a little bit too much for you you want to keep it lower you can do that it charges with a micro USB which everybody has.

So now that we've been riding this thing for a little bit we're about three four miles on here, I have some new things that I want to say about it I really like this control it feels really good in your hand. The brakes are very smooth so when you're going on the faster speed or if you need to slow down for any reason it's really easy to do that. We brought it over some puddles we brought it through some dirt, we brought it over cracks and some bumps and it did awesome on all of that so it'd be perfect for campus. The really big wheels help with the dirt so you don't feel like you're gonna slide out at all.

It has lost no charge for about 5 miles and I didn't even get it up to full speed, but you're definitely going want to have more protective equipment for that but we brought it on some closed roads we brought it on some driveways and I think it did really great.  It's a really good board for a beginner to intermediate to learn what your preferences are and it has an odometer on the remote, so you can track how far you go if you want to compare with your friends or if you want to keep track for yourself. It'd be good for daily driver or to bring it out on trails on the weekend. You can buy yours down in the link below:

MT-V3S Electric Skateboard