WL Integrated mobile phone repair microscope mat platform

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Multi-function advanced Heat Insulated Pad maintenance platform for Mobile phone repair, WL brand silica gel Pad for Mobile phone Maintenance platform.

Multi-function Silica gel Mat and advanced Heat Insulated Pad for Mobile phone repair

WL integrated electronic maintenance platform table pad

Size: 420MM*288MM*15MM, maintenance platform size: 330MM*198MM*4MM


**Please note, the microscope or tools shown are not included**


WL integrated electronic maintenance platform table pad, Size: 420MM*288MM*15MM, maintenance platform size: 330MM*198MM*4MM, The extended platform is 330mm*198mm*4mm, it is very convenient for cleaning and repairing sundries, removing, cleaning and replaceing, Multi-function, mult-purpose, mult-type….., materials slot tools need to be on this platform, it can be known and meet the needs of the vast number of communictations electronics industry maintenance master.