Ultra X-Wind Socket 775 Copper CPU Cooling Fan

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Ultra X-Wind Fan Socket 775 Copper CPU Fan Product Details

X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler
As computer processors become more and more powerful, they typically generate more heat. Accordingly, air cooling solutions for processors tend to be large, heavy and loud. Ultra's X-Wind CPU coolers offer a balance of performance and price without being excessively loud or cumbersome. Because the X-Wind has several fins (as many as 120!), there is more surface area than a typical machined heatsink, so heat is effectively pulled away from the CPU and quickly dissipated. X-Wind's design allows for the use of a larger, quieter fan to push air in between the many fins. If you're disappointed with the noise from your current CPU cooler, fed up with higher temperatures or concerned that your behemoth two pound heatsink is going to damage your motherboard or processor, Ultra has your solution!

A Closer Look

  • Rated Voltage/Current - DC 12V/0.4 A
  • Fan Speed - 1200-2200 RPM
  • Airflow - 53.5-78.5 CFM
  • Static Pressure - 1.77mm-H2O
  • Noise Level - 15-25 dB(A)

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