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Nyko Modular PS4 Controller Charger and Intercooler - PlayStation 4


  • $ 2999

Nothing is more frustrated than a console or controller running out of juice when you're immersed in the action of game. The Nyko modular power & cooling combo, including Nyko Modular Charge Station and Intercooler both for PlayStation 4, helps you get over these issues. The charge station snaps onto the top of the console, and features two micro USB ports to charge two controllers simultaneously. It's powered by two front USB ports, no wall outlet required. The intercooler, great for cramped settings, attaches to the back of the console, and produces enhanced air flow to pull hot air out and away from your console. The temperature sensing technology automatically turns the intercooler on or off when it's needed. Best of all, both of the accessories come with an elegant and complementary design, ensuring a seamless match with your PlayStation console.


General information

  • Charge two DUALSHOCK 4 controllers simultaneously
  • Utilizes Nyko's exclusive Micro-USB dongle system for convenient, drop and charge functionality
  • Unique modular design attaches to the top of the console and sticks with the sleek design of the PS4
  • Utilizes both front USB ports for power, no AC cord or wall outlet needed
  • USB 3.0 provides a quick charge
  • Seamlessly matches the design and form factor of the PS4
  • Compatible with other Modular items from Nyko


General information

  • Dramatically increases airflow out and away from the system
  • Built-in sensors automatically turn the Intercooler on and off as needed
  • Powered by a pass-through power cable that does not require its own power outlet
  • Allows full access to all ports on the back of the console
  • Matches the décor of the PlayStation 4 Console