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iPad Tablet Heating Station Screen Opening LCD Touch Glass Repair Separator Tool


  • $ 8999


This is the Tablet Heat Pad (110V) - Blue. Use this item in the repair or restoration of a device.

To open iPad touch screen, you need to heat the screen in advance. This heating panel is right for you.

Voltage:  110V

Power:    250~280W (MAX)

Controling temperature: 30-100 degree centigrade  adjustable  


Adopt flexible heating material, heat the specific heat of the wind gun more evenly, can quickly make the plastic surface softening,
Thereby more safe and convenient disassembly screen.
Greatly reduce the probability of breaking down the screen
Disassemble the screen for higher efficiency
[use of instructions]:
Method of use: (tiled desktop, desktop flat, temperature control knob placed on the left.)
Change the iPad screen:
The first step is to preheat the metal shell part: temperature control knob to 60 degrees, will face up for about 2 minutes.
The second step: the positive external heating outer peripheral down for about 2 minutes, turn over with a crowbar or inserted into the outer gap test picks
To study whether the plastic surface is softened, according to the actual situation and then adjust the heating time or temperature. The rubber surface softening, the temperature control knob to the 0
Degree or power off the power, with the remaining temperature to the glue in the case to keep the softening state, dismantling.
Reminder: after 1 gel surface softening, do not put iPad back on the heating surface for long time.
2 on the adjustment of the temperature and time, each operator according to the actual situation to gradually find a set of steps for their own.
The company provides the temperature and time provided only for reference.

Pairs great with ZXW Tools PCB Circuit Board Repair