Bamboo Duo Stylus + Pen for iPad (CS110K)

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About this item

  • Exchangeable responsive smooth nib/ pen tip for best pen-on-screen feeling; Weight-balanced design to feel right in your hand
  • Great experiences to use with iPad or iPhone, or Bamboo or most other tablets and mobile phones with a touch screen for sketching, drawing or writing
  • Polished anodized-aluminum body and Soft-touch finish, offers an attractive look and enables a comfortable hold
  • Soft rubber rings for a smooth fit of the cap on both tip ends
  • Doubles as a ball-point Pen for writing capability on paper
  • Offers a premium, pen-like experience for notetaking, sketching, drawing, and other forms of creative expression
  • Premium stylus plus inking pen
  • Elegant, high end design - milled brushed aluminum, with replaceable nibs
  • Ergonomic with optimal in-hand weight and balance
  • Replaceable rubber tips and pen cartridges