Update your Set Up with Fat Shark Attitude V6 FPV Headset!

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Fat Shark Attitude V6 FPV Headset

The new Fat Shark Attitude V6 focuses on high definition with 1280 x 960 LCOS panels and adjustable diopters. In addition to the 39-degree field of view, the Attitude V6 has a selectable image ratio, an expanded display control menu, and a configurable power button. With all of these updates, this headset is sure to improve your flying experience. The Attitude V6 ships with analog diversity receivers and is fully compatible with the Shark Byte HD module future-proofing your FPV experience!

What's Included?

When you purchase these Fat Shark Attitude V6 Goggles, everything you need to get going is included in the box. You'll receive: 

  • Attitude V6 Headset
  • 5.8G diversity receiver
  • 2 5.8GHz patch antennas
  • 5.8GHz  FS RHCP patch antenna, and...
  • A cool zipper case for carrying!

New Specs:
These goggles come with a ton of great upgrades designed to improve the flying experience, including:
  • Optics Improvements:    FOV (field of view): 39 degrees diagonal, IPD (interpupillary distance): 54 to 74 mm (adjustable), Focus: +2 to -6 diopters (adjustable)
  • Great Display: Two citizen 0.4” LCOS displays, Resolution 1280 X 960, NTCS/PAL auto selecting, AV Mode 4:3, AV Mode 16:9, HDMI Mode 16:9
  • Easy to Operate User Controls: Channel Selection, Volume Control, Mode Selection, Display Control (Brightness and Contrast), DVR Control, Power Button / Fan Control
  • A Great and Effective Interface: 3.5mm AV in/out port, Power input port, 3.5mm 3p earphone port, MicroSD, RF Module Bay, HT connector 3 pin internal connection, Power Button

Be sure to check out the Fat Shark Attitude V6 headset today, it will be the perfect addition to your flying experience! 


Get yours here today: Fat Shark Attitude V6

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