Our Favorite Onewheel XR Accessories

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Have a onewheel XR and have the desire to accessorize? We've crafted up a list of the best accessories and parts to add to your cool new ride! 
one wheel xr


Our Top 3

Onewheel XR Fender

xr carbon fiber fender

The one wheel comes stock with the vega tire exposed which is a great look but in practice kicks up some dirt, rocks and grass on your beloved shoes.


XR Home HyperCharger

xr hypercharger

If you're serious about going places then you're going to need to get yourself an XR Home Hypercharger. This beast juices up a Onewheel+ XR from zero to hero in an hour or less. Yeah, you heard us correctly... ONE hour - about half the time it takes with the standard Home Charger. Spend more time out there and less time waiting around. Hyper Charge, it's a lifestyle.

Charge time: approx. 60 minutes


Maghandle Mount/Mag Handle

maghandle pro xr

The Maghandle Pro elevates your Onewheel carrying experience with premium construction and materials. Built for comfort, the Maghandle Pro is made of rubberized aluminum for a quality feel and a sturdy build. Like the standard Maghandle, the Maghandle Pro allows you to carry your board “briefcase-style” and disappears back into the frame when you don't need it. Too easy.

Note: Compatible with Onewheel Pint. Also Compatible with Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR with purchase of  XR Maghandle Mount


**Honorable Mentions**

Make it yours and protect your board in style with XR Rail Guards. These stylish and durable Rail Guards come in a host of different colors and are an awesome way to customize your board and keep it fresh.

Backed with a strong adhesive and made of thick plastic to protect your board from the wildest adventures, the XR Rail Guards have got you covered.

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