The Best Onewheel Pint Accessories

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Just got a Onewheel Pint or are you looking to revamp your ride? We've crafted up a list of the best accessories and parts to accessorize and float on. 

Hot blue fender, Harely Quinn blue rail guards on the slate pint.

Our Top 3

Pint Ultra Charger 

Patience may be a virtue, but so is Onewheeling. The Pint Ultracharger can charge your board in under an hour - about half the time of the standard Home Charger so you can have double the fun.


Pint Fender

The Pint Fender will keep your pants and shoes clean and keep your footpads from wear and tear. If you live and ride in damp weather this is a must.



Honerable mentions

Onewheel Wave Stand

Your Onewheel works hard for you. Isn't it time you did something nice for it? Enter the Onewheel Wave Stand.

Colorful Maghandle

Quite simply the easiest way to carry your Onewheel. The Maghandle allows you to take your board with you on-the-go, carry it “briefcase-style” and disappears back into the hub when you don't need it. Too easy. Mix and match between multiple colorways for the Maghandle that fits in your life. 


pint rail guards color


Onewheel Side Stand:

 onewheel stand


Let's elevate the Onewheel storage experience. Constructed with premium materials, the Onewheel Side Stand is designed as the ultimate set-up for boards with Maghandles.

Pick it up on its side, set it down on its side - it just makes sense. And the wood base and rubberized metal board holder is a very nice touch. 

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