Getting into Drone FPV

Posted by Jordan Wires on

Do you have a need for speed? Flips, rolls and more.


Look no further, at BTV Drones we have just the quadcopter for you! Behold the emax nighthawk pro 280

The nighthawk pro is great for beginners and pros alike. The nighthawk pro features stabilized modes for even easy flights, once you get comfortable with flying with a flip of switch you can change to Angle mode and get your flying on with no limits.

The quad also comes with optional angled motor mounts for faster flying without the need for mode adjustments. 

With a big bright LED light bar in the back you're friends will spot you flying through the sky in no time.


With the nighthawk pro you have 2 choices:
(Needs Transmitter + Receiver + Battery)
(Needs only battery)
Sit back and fly your Drone through a great pair of fatshark goggles
For either version you may want to pick up a pair of propellers, goggles, batteries
Get yours today and you'll be flying through the parks in no time! 

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