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In an ideal world, you would have an indestructible frame that is also light as a feather. But unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world so you will need to compromise when choosing between weight and durability as these are contradicting features. So you can’t have an indestructible frame that is also super light.

 different drone frames



Let’s face it, you never really intend to crash but having a strong frame will be useful for when you do. Having a strong frame is ideal for beginners but this means the frame is heavier and less agile in the air. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced pilot you know you can compromise some durability for lower weight which makes your frame more agile in the air.
Xhover Win3L Frame

Xhover Win3L Frame

Xhover worked closely with our FPV racing pilots to design a frame they needed. They referenced the extremely popular Xhover WIN5 frame and from there decided to minimize the frame to accommodate a 20x20 stack, which we believe will be the standard for most FPV racing frames.

This frame features a built-in anti-vibration system in the main plate, reducing the number of vibrations to the flight controller stack. The WIN3L also features a 3 hole arm design to help keep it as light as possible.

This Frame was designed to support a 20x20 FC stack.


Xhover Stingy 5"

Xhover Stingy 5"

The Xhover Stingy is a true X design that features a low profile design keeping everything low within the center of gravity. Keeping the FPV camera protected was a challenge, however we came up with a unique camera plate. This plate provides protection from hard impacts when landing or bottoming out. Our unique way of removing the arms was also implemented in this design. Two screws is all that is required to remove and replace a broken arm without disturbing the PDB/FC Stack.


Falcon Multirotors Raggio Lungo 6" Frame (Session Mount)

Falcon Multirotors Raggio Lungo 6" Frame (Session Mount)

Falcon Multirotors has made a long-range beast. The Raggio Lungo fits 6" props with the normal Hero mount, but with the Session mount, fits 7" props! This quad is made for long-range footage, screaming down a mountainside or shooting through a deep valley. You'll get Jello-free footage and zero props in view even with 1080P wide angle shots. The center of gravity is near perfect. Arms swaps are a breeze, just change two screws. 

We carry the Session mount version which means the freedom to choose up to 7" props, giving you amazing flight times!


Ethix Cougar Frame - by KONASTY

This purpose built 6” frame designed for both freestyle and long range flying by Eric “Konasty”. Made to be built easily and fly smooth with getting the cleanest video possible to your HD cam. A squished X design gives it a bit wider stance then your typical X frame design and helps reduce bounce back during flips that’s common with most 6” frames. 4mm arms can be replaced easily with the removal of 3 bolts from the bottom plate and offers protection for motors up to 2407 in size. The 2mm top plate is lowered and brought closer to the prop line but still with room for components courtesy of 23mm standoffs. There is a 2mm HD cam soft mount option on top plate to help reduce jello caused by most 6” prop vibrations. The 2mm bottom plate has a cutout for the fpv cam to drop through the frame with a protective skid plate to accompany the lowered top plate. With minimal frame cutouts for just the needed components this frame will have you up and flying in no time.


SKITZO Nova FPV Freestyle Quadcopter

SKITZO Nova FPV Freestyle Quadcopter

The SKITZO Nova FPV Freestyle quadcopter is a unique symmetrical X mini quad, designed for high-performance FPV Freestyle flying. The Nova was created in collaboration with and named after the flow master himself SKITZO FPV. This freestyle airframe has been designed to not only look great but also withstand the rigors of freestyle flying pilots like Skitzo put their airframes through. 

The airframe features removable 4mm carbon fiber arms and 3mm thick top and bottom plates. The arms are sandwiched between the bottom plate and 2mm battery plate giving you an incredible 9mm thick of carbon fiber at the center of the body. Each arm is secured in place with 3 screws and press fit threaded posts in the carbon fiber main plate. This allows you to remove 1 arm by simply taking out 3 screws with just 1 tool.

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