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Drone Backpacks and Cases

We all know that sometimes it takes a lot of work (or walking) to find that perfect location to fly your drone with awesome scenery and little to no people. Carrying your drone and all your equipment shouldn't be the hardest part. That's why we've rounded up some of our favorite Drone Backpacks and cases for Racing and Aerial Photography! 


Be sure to check out our review video by our friend Josh below! 

Realacc Backpack Case for RC Drone FPV Racing

Great Drone Backpacks

A backpack born for FPV Racing. Show up packed with all the spares and tools you'll need to race hard and stay flying! With this pack you can carry 3 drones along with goggles, transmitters, batteries and all other accessories you may need! It even includes a rain cover to protect your equipment from water, snow, sand, and dust!

Check out our review video! 



Betaflight Hive Backpack

Best Drone Carrying Bags

Requests for hard shell covers, reverse the orientation of the side pockets, make the handheld carry battery bag into a liposafe fire-resistant bag are just a few of the suggestions that we went back and updated during the design process. After reviewing the final prototype, FPV Model felt like the user suggestions they've received fro m clients and friends on Facebook, have helped make certain that this bag has the best quality and features available. We think you're gonna love them.
The overall design of this backpack is geared towards those that are serious fliers and have multiple quads and many tools and accessories that they carry with them while traveling by air or even just to the local field.

DroneGuard CS 400 - UAV/Drone Backpack

Great Drone Packs

Get flexible organization for your quadcopter and drone gear -- including all accessories. The DroneGuard 400 case fits the depth and form factor of the DJI Phantom, 3DR Solo and similar sized drones, quadcopters and flying cameras. The perfect, out-of-the-box solutions for carrying, organizing, storing and protecting your drone gear and all essentials.

Designed by serious quadcopter pilots at Lowepro for serious quadcopter pilots. FormShell™ technology with lightweight, yet sturdy composite-shell construction offers superior protection for gear without adding weight or bulk. A lightly padded backpad includes attachable backpad straps. Use for treks out to your flying location, or detach and pack away for less bulk or for long-distance travel.


DJI Phantom 3 Backpack Hardshell Case Bag Turtle Shell Waterproof

 Drone Backpacks for Sale

The DJI Hardshell Backpack is used to protect your Phantom 3. This case is made specifically for the Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced. It can accommodate 4 Phantom 3 batteries, 1 in the Phantom 3 and 3 in specified compartments, the Phantom 3 remote control, extra set of propellors, and various small accessories. It is durable, lightweight and water resistant backpack that holds your complete system, making it easy to take and go anywhere.

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